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How do I get Support?

Please understand that I can not provide any personal support outside the scope of implementing the template. So do not email me with questions for programming extensions and so on.

Also questions about the working / customizing of your weather-program should be asked elsewhere. I am not able to support the 11 different weatherprograms in more then a basic way.

Community Support

There are several ways to get free support for for the template provided by current users. The best places to get in contact are:

Before asking a question make sure to understand a few things:

  • Please use the search area which is on every page at the upper right corner
  • and use the search function on the forums at least once

If you realy can not find an answer here or in the Q&A at the download area you can contact me, BUT

  • Be patient – I am doing this on my own, there is no staff to answer 24/7
  • Ask a smart question – seriously read this if you want helpful answers

Contact me

Support tickets at: Leuven-Template Support


  • always state an URL of the page / website you are refering to.
  • if available also the page number of the problems page
  • and tell me wqhat you already tried yourself

Be aware that English is not my native language so try to explain in detail what you want to accomplish.

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