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There is an empty new-page in the folder weather27/_my_scripts/ with the name my_NewPage.php.

There is also an entry for an example in the “Development menu” in the menu-file wsMenuData.xml:

<item 	nr="900" 	show='yes'
	caption="example new page"

How to proceed:

  1. Open the example script in your favorite program-editor. DO NOT use notepad.exe from MS-Windows.
  2. Save the file under a new name in the directory weather27/_my_scripts.
  3. Do not forget to change the name of the script and date in the beginning of the copied example.
  4. Add your own code. There is some example php code, some html and a frame included. Customize and throw away all the unnecessary things. You just add your info. So no headers, footers, etc. they are handled by the template.
  5. Add an entry to the menu file using the supplied entry as a starting point

CAUTION: xml is even more critical with errors as PHP. So ALWAYS make a copy of the menu-file as a fall-back in case your wewbsite goes to black.

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