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 +====== Install the Leuven-Template in 7 steps  ======
 +There are seven steps to follow which should lead to a succesfull install
 +  - Upload the template to your website ​
 +  - Set the permissions of the folders ​
 +  - **You are here now**
 +  - Manually change the settings files 
 +  - Configure the upload of weather-data
 +  - Adapt menu items 
 +  - Almost finished ​
 +<WRAP tabs>
 +  * [[how_to_install|1]]
 +  * [[folder_contents|2]]
 +  * [[test_program|First test the webserver-configuration]]
 +  * [[settings|4]]
 +  * [[upload|5]]
 +  * [[menu|6]]
 +  * [[how_to_install7|7]]
 +This test-program checks a few things to make sure that you can use the template with your web-hosting company. This program is based on problems with installing from previous users. So this program will grow as more checks will be built into.\\ If you get output you do not understand or which advises you to contact Weerstation-Leuven do not hesitate and use the contact page in the download area or [[contact|contact me]]
 +You can run this program by typing this into your browser:
 +<​code>​www.your weatherstation​weather27/​startHere.php</​code>​
 +You need to replace %%www.your weatherstation with the name of your own website.\\ \\ The output of a correct run will look like this:
 +<​code>​startHere.php (v2.7): This small program test your web server settings if they prohibit installing the Leuven-template.
 +step 1 checking: $_SERVER["​DOCUMENT_ROOT"​]:​ result =  OK
 +step 2 checking: CURL support: result =  OK
 +step 3.1 checking: file_exists:​ result =  OK
 +step 3.2 checking: chdir: result =  OK
 +step 3.3 checking: file_put_contents:​ result =  OK
 +step 3.4 checking: chmod: result =  OK
 +step 3.5 checking: unlink: result =  OK
 +step 4.1 checking: load xml from test site : result =  OK 
 +step 4.1 first 100 data chars of retrieved xml = 
 +<!-- My_Station 15-9-13 11:39:05 -->
 +<!-- Remove auto_update section if wanting the default
 +step 4.2 checking: load xml from metar site : result =  OK, 
 +step 4.2 first 100 data chars of retrieved xml = 
 +<?xml version="​1.0"​ encoding="​UTF-8"?>​
 +<​response xmlns:​xsd="​http://​​2001/​XMLSche
 +step 4.3 checking: json support gauges earthquakes:​ result = OK
 +step 5 checking: path to installation folder: result = Folder settings OK
 +==== What to do with an error message ====
 +If you get an error message such as "​ERROR: ​ no CURL support"​ you first have to your PHP settings by typing this into your browser:
 +<​code>​www.your weatherstation​weather27/​info.php</​code>​
 +You will see what version of PHP you are using and what options are set.
 +Depending of the type of error you will need to contact your hosting provider to let them change some internal settings. They should help you as the facilities the Leuven-Template needs are quite normal. ​
 +There could also be a "​WARNING: ​ text message"​. ​ Please note it down as by problems during adapting the template it maybe give us a clue why some strange bnehavior occurs.
 +If you doubt on the output of these test programs or are unsure of the meaning of the messages feel free to contact me via  [[contact| the contact page]]
 +==== What to do with these warnings ====
 +<​code>​WARNING - Change wsUserSettings.php: ​ $SITE["​topfolder"​] ​ from : weather27/ to: /​membri/​leuven/​weather27/</​code>​
 +<​WRAP ​ important 100%>
 +All scriprts in the template supprt the UTF-8 character set.  ​
 +You therefor have to use a recent **program editor** which supports UTF-8 editing fully. Even if you made html pages already, please pay attention to this.\\ Never ever, not even to peek into a file, use notepad form Windows or a word-processing program. ​ These programs add invisible characters (called "​bom"​) **before** the start of the file. This will result in empty lines on pages or even error messages.
 +Use at least a recent version of these two "​programm editors"​ \\ 
 +  *  - Windows **notepad++** you find that program here [[https://​​]] \\ 
 +  *  - Mac **textwrangler** this one here [[http://​​products/​textwrangler/​]]\\ ​
 +More information about **BOM** [[http://​​International/​questions/​qa-byte-order-mark.en.php]]
 +Open the script **_my_texts/​wsUserSettings.php** ​ using a decent program editor. ​
 +Go to line 20: Here the script defines the folder the template is installed in,
 +<​code>​$SITE["​topfolder"​] ​     = '​weather27'; ​  // #####</​code> ​
 +and you change in this example to 
 +<​code>​$SITE["​topfolder"​] ​     = '/​membri/​leuven/​weather27/'; ​   // #####</​code>​
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